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Critical Educator

A Bit About Me

"El Profe" is a queer critical educator of color who is engaged in the enduring process of decolonizing the mind, body and spirit. This work extends into all facets of their life, including the educational setting, because they believe the classroom has the potential to be a transformational space where youth can be inspired to become the best and most authentic versions of themselves.

Currently, "El Profe" teaches in the K-12 educational setting, serves in a variety of site leadership roles, guest lectures regularly for university teacher preparation programs, chairs an educational scholarship foundation for women immigrant and refugee scholars, and is a contributing author to the upcoming book titled, "Freirean Echoes: Multigenerational Dialogues in Contemporary Times.


"El Profe" es un educador crítico queer que está comprometido en el proceso duradero de descolonizar la mente, el cuerpo y el espíritu. Este trabajo se extiende a todas las facetas de su vida, incluido el entorno educativo, porque creen que el salón de clases tiene el potencial de ser un espacio de transformación donde los alumnos pueden inspirarse para convertirse en las mejores y más auténticas versiones de sí mismos.

Actualmente, "El Profe" enseña en el entorno educativo secundaria, se desempeña en una variedad de roles de liderazgo en el sitio, da conferencias regularmente para programas de preparación de maestros universitarios, preside una fundación de becas educativas para becarias inmigrantes y refugiadas, y es autora colaboradora al próximo libro titulado "Freirean Echoes: Multigenerational Dialogues in Contemporary Times".

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Work Experience

August 2016 - present

August 2015 - June 2016

December 2014 - June 2015

Educator, Social Science Department

Warren High School

Courses taught:

- Student Voice

- AP US Government and Politics​

- AVID 9

- World History (previously taught)


Advisor to:

- Rainbow Alliance

- Mental Health Club


Key Highlights:

Designed and created first Student Voice class to be A-G approved in the State of California; Students enrolled in the Student Voice class have consistently reported an increase in self-respect and advocacy. All courses incorporate substantial de-colonized curriculum, units, and lessons that focus on resistance narratives and non-European and Anglo perspectives on historical events.  

AVID Program Coordinator, Sitewide

Key Responsibilities:

Ensured fidelity to the AVID curriculum across elective classes and site team classes impacting over 500 students per year

Oversaw and managed 20 AVID site team members, 12 elective team teachers, 4 AVID-trained counselors and 15 AVID college tutors

Facilitated cooperation between various departments and programs

Prepared and organized various extra curricular events for all AVID elective students

Provided professional development for schoolwide staff

Key Highlights: 

Successfully expanded the AVID elective classes from 12 sections to 14 sections; Expanded the AVID elective team to include more teachers of color; For the past 5 years, 97%+ of all AVID seniors have been accept to a four year university.

Brave Bears Program Advisor

Key Responsibilities:

Expanded student knowledge on key stakeholder engagement.

Prepared students to successfully run meetings with stakeholders like the superintendent of the district and administration on campus.

Provided technical expertise on how to consider, analyze and reflect on data.

Key Highlights: 

Created a mission statement that established a clear purpose for the student group; Brave Bears members held regular meetings with administration to express concerns and present solutions to problems regularly encountered by students. 

Mission Statement: 

The Brave Bear program is a safe and inclusive space created to provide students with the resources and support needed in order to heal and rebuild after injustices they have been subjected to. We are committed to vocalizing the issues of discrimination and harassment our peers have faced and are devoted to helping create change in our school and community.

Additional Administrative Roles

- Professional Learning Community (PLC) Lead

- Leadership Coalition member

Social Science Teacher

Alliance College Ready High School #16

(now Alliance Ted K. Tajima High School ) 

10th Grade World History, 12th Grade Government/Economics


Key Responsibilities:

Facilitated student learning through student-centered,  inquiry-based lessons and activities

Created activities that demonstrate relationships between scholarly themes and everyday student life


Maintained good parent-relations via regular phone calls, e-mail, and parent-teacher conferences


Adapted curriculum for English Language Learners (ELL) and student with special needs (SPED)


Established effective interventions for students in need of additional support


Advised student run and led Gay-Straight Alliance group


Designed alternative social science curriculum for students on alternative education program


Summary of Highlights:

Recognized for effective differentiation for ELL students, specifically for students classified as EL1 and EL3. Differentiated examinations were shared by Director of English Language Instruction with district principals as “best practice” to “emulate”. Developed alternative social science curriculum for students on modified education program.

Long-term Substitute Teacher

Whittier High School, Whittier Union High School District                              

10th Grade English Honors, 11th/12th Grade English


Key Responsibilities:

Prepared 10th grade students for Spring 2015 CAHSEE Examination

Implemented and adapt CSULB’s Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum for 12th grade English students

Established effective classroom behavior guidelines to minimize future classroom management issues

Adapted curriculum for English Language Learners (ELL) by incorporating more pair/group work. ELLs are regularly grouped with Whittier High School students that have earned “Seal of Biliteracy”

Adapted curriculum for student with special needs (speech) by modifying speaking requirements to meet the student’s cognitive, social, and emotional needs, as dictated by student’s Individualized Education Program



Successfully maintaining effective relationships with administration, teachers, and students. Effectively helping students to improve their academic performance. Was requested twice by administration to extend long-term substitute position.

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